Five Volcanoes: The Lowdown

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Five Volcanoes  Boutique Hotel in Kinigi is a charming base for visiting Volcanoes National Park. Lodges in this part of Rwanda veer between the well priced, but at times comically basic, and the distinctly luxurious (with eye-watering rates) so we were thrilled to find a good, mid-range option that was sweet, comfortable and came with a sensible price.

What’s Five Volcanoes Really Like?

For those used to remote African safari lodges, we should explain that Five Volcanoes is very typical of densely populated Rwanda. You’re very much amongst the community here- just another (rather lovely) house in town, and the design reflects this. It has white villa style buildings with terracotta roofs, and pretty, lush gardens outside.

There are eight comfortable deluxe rooms- these are large and have a dressing room (ideal for ditching bags and damp clothes) and a rainfall shower to warm you through after a damp day in the forest. There’s TV in the rooms, and wifi was good enough for us to post a few -out of focus- photos of our gorilla trek. In addition to this there’s a two-roomed family suite with a private sitting room, and the three-bedroomed Volcano Manor.  It gets cold in this part of Rwanda, so while we thought the pool was lovely, the crackling fire is more up our street. Food during our stay was warming and wholesome- we had a pick of 2 or 3 options for each course and the friendly staff were very flexible about feeding us when we returned wet and late after our gorilla trek.

What can I do at Five Volcanoes?

Almost no-one comes to Volcanoes National Park without doing some gorilla trekking, most guests will go once, but often travellers will head out for a second trek. Volcanoes is around 10 minutes from the Volcanoes National Park HQ, so it’s an easy start for heading off in the morning. If you have more time to spare, this part of Rwanda is really very charming. You can borrow bikes to explore the area yourself, though a warning from us- Rwanda is known as the Land of a Thousand Hills with good reason. It’s also possible to arrange kayaking on one of the local rivers- a really tranquil treat after a day with the gorillas, and great for birders.

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