Onguma the Fort: The Lowdown

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Just occasionally, it’s rather nice to have a little luxury on safari, and Onguma the Fort is a fantastically stylish option near Etosha National Park. Plus it’s gone one of the best sunset views in all Namibia- almost enough to stop us leaving altogether.

What’s Onguma Fort really like?

This lovely lodge, one of the most luxurious options near Etosha isn’t called “the fort” for nothing- when you see it looming up out of the bush you’ll see exactly where it got its name. You’ll stay in one of twelve Moroccan-styled mini-suites, set either side of the main fort. Showers are both indoor and outdoor (desperately romantic in our book) and you have your own sunloungers for a quiet snooze. Onguma Fort also has one “Sultan Suite” actually in the main fort’s tower which has a lovely viewing deck and is a special treat for honeymooners. The main fort is where you’ll gather for evening drinks and dinner, perhaps take a dip in the plunge pool, and admire the endless views out over the pan and the waterhole.

What can I do at Onguma the Fort?

Guests staying at Onguma the Fort can book onto game drives from the lodge (let us know if you want to do this as we’d advise pre-booking) –these take place on the Onguma Reserve and inside Etosha National Park. Alternatively, if you have your own hire car, it’s very easy to head into the national park to explore under your own steam (self-drive game drives are not possible on the reserve.) Lastly, if you fancy stretching your legs after a few days on the road or in a tiny plane, we’d highly recommend one of the bush walks here, it’s a great way to experience the sights, sounds and smells of the bush up close.

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