Namib Outpost: The Lowdown

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Looking out over the desert to the distant mountains beyond, Namib Outpost sits gloriously secluded on a private nature reserve around 40 minutes from Sossusvlei.

What’s Namib Outpost really like?

Arriving into the main house you’ll see that views from almost everywhere in the lodge are stunning. There’s a pool to wash away the dust of your journey, a thatched roof to shelter you from the blazing midday sun and a fireplace to fight the chill of winter nights. Up above is the sundowner deck- a glorious spot for an evening drink, but probably best enjoyed only on warmer evenings unless you’re feeling hearty!

Spaced out from the main lodge, but with the same glorious vista are the 12 tented rooms, with floor to ceiling windows, a deck to perch on with a book, and behind, your ensuite bathroom including a loo with a serious view. There’s a thatched roof up above to keep off the worst of the baking sun, and inside, the décor is a pleasing mix of muted colours, natural material, and modern colonial style. Up above the bathroom is a small terrace- if you’d like to sleep up here under the stars, please let the staff know and wrap up warm- we’ve never seen stars to match those of the Namib, but desert nights can be seriously chilly! In addition to the standard chalets there is one superior chalet which comes with a private lounge and a plunge pool.

What can I do at Namib Outpost?

We couldn’t imagine coming here and not going to visit Sossusvlei– a 40 minute drive away- either with your own hire car or as part of a guided drive from the lodge. For joggers, there’s a 10km trail that might make a break pleasant break from sitting in a car on Namibia’s (admittedly stunning) roads. Alternatively, one of the particularly fun things you can do here are riding safaris out into the desert from sister lodge Desert Homestead. Lastly, for something really special, we can arrange a hot air balloon flight over the desert at sunrise- please let us know if you’d like to do this as there is an extra fee for this and it needs to be booked in advance.

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