Notten’s Camp Sabi Sands: The Lowdown

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While the Sabi Sands is populated by slinky luxury safari lodges, Notten’s has struck out on a different, and rather appealing track. This is a proper bush lodge, small, family run and utterly in touch with nature: a big tick on every front as far as we’re concerned.

What’s Notten’s really like?

What we loved when we visited Notten’s was the atmosphere. There’s no flashiness or starchy formality, this is a lodge run by bush-lovers, for people who love the bush. Rooms are certainly comfortable, but not glitzy- for example, you have a proper, and rather comfortable bed, but it’s lit by candles and paraffin lanterns. Notten’s is the sort of place where you get the feel that the outdoor showers are there for people who want to smell the air, not because they’re the latest “must have” in the safari world. Meals are fun and communal and the generations of family that’ve lived and worked here shines through.

One last thing- Notten’s is one of our favourite lodges in the Sabi Sands, and we’ve stayed in places that are double the price. However, it’s not super-cheap either- Notten’s rarely runs specials because, to be honest, they’re usually full. You’re really not paying for plunge pools or glitz here (you can get those elsewhere for less), but for the luxuries you really can’t put a price on: atmosphere, space, peace, and a sense of absolute timelessness.

What can I do at Notten’s?

People come on safari in the Sabi Sands for the game drives and you’ll get two each day at Notten’s. We were especially impressed by the leopard sightings in this area, but there’s plenty more (big and small) to keep you entertained. Notten’s can also arrange bush walks (we’d definitely recommend these to give you a totally different feel of the bush than from a vehicle), and a massage if you need to properly relax.

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