Jaci’s Safari Lodge: The Lowdown

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Oh we loved our visit to Jaci’s Safari Lodge! Owners Jann and Jaci are very much involved here and the love and passion they put into the camp shows, making this one of our first choices for a safari in Madikwe.

What’s Jaci’s Safari Lodge really like? 

Arriving at Jaci’s Safari Lodge you cross into the lodge via a rope bridge over a small stream. Here you’ll find the dining area (food served during our stay was wholesome and good), some comfortable sofas that we could have nestled into for hours, and a small shop. Heading deeper into camp winding pathways lead down to the rooms. There are eight tented suites, with low stone walls and thatched roofs, all with bathrooms to the rear – we absolutely adored the outdoor shower in ours though you do have to be pretty relaxed about the odd leaf fluttering by or a bird peeping in. We should also mention the two large and stylish suites- the Ngare and Safari Suites. Both have their own plunge pools and can sleep 6-8 respectively, though due to the layout these would work best if at least some of these guests were children. Décor is colourful and fun, much like Jann himself. There are gorgeous copper sinks, and brightly coloured fabrics which fit beautifully with traditional African design and the bright red soil and deep green undergrowth of Madikwe.

Families at Jaci’s Safari Lodge:

Jann and Jaci have raised their own children in the bush, so they know what works for a family safari. The camp has been cleverly designed to give families and couples their own space so both can enjoy this pretty lovely spot. There’s an unobtrusive fence around camp and one of the pools is just for adults, so kids can splash freely and joyfully in the other one! The suites work especially well for larger families travelling together. As a general rule, where there are several families in camp the lodge will try to keep the children together on game drives (please note that children need to be at least 6 to go on game drives, for younger ones there are “jungle drives”). Babysitting is also available at an extra fee at certain times of day. There’s also a children’s play area (conveniently close to the gym!)

What can I do at Jaci’s Safari Lodge?

Jaci’s conducts shared morning and afternoon game drives, and walking safaris are sometimes available at an extra fee (let us know if you’d like to pre book these as it does depend on the season and the right guide being available). As safari veterans we were really impressed with our guide at Jaci’s- though young, he certainly knew his stuff, and we were particularly thrilled to see plenty of rhino during our visit. If you need to burn off steam, there’s a gym shared with nearby Tree Camp, though we’re told that most guests are too busy enjoying the wildlife to ever use it. Jaci’s also has a pool for an afternoon dip between game drives.

Giving back at Jaci’s Safari Lodge:

Part of Jann and Jaci’s mission is to give back to the people and area they love. Waste is recycled and the staff trust gives staff members a shareholding in the business. Jaci’s guides and staff also run educational programmes, teaching local children about the importance of conservation and preserving wildlife.

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