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When you first arrive, Babylonstoren looks like a rustic and unassuming Cape Dutch farm. And then you notice the cool and quirky interiors. And the vineyard. And the excellent restaurant. And the gorgeous gardens. And the frankly astonishing amount of things going on. And then, we hope, you’ll start to be just as beguiled by it as we are.

What’s Babylonstoren really like?

There’s been a farm at Babylonstoren since 1692 and the oldest buildings here date to 1777, so there’s a pleasing sense of harmony and peace as you wander around.  The gardens are especially lovely, but the whole property is an utter delight.  Food at the two restaurants and the bakery is magnificent, and makes the most of the fantastic fresh, seasonal produce from the farm. Your reviewer is still raving about the breakfast spread nearly a month later. Please let us know if you would like us to book evening meals in the restaurant for you, as it is justifiably very popular locally!

Babylonstoren has a fairly extensive range of accommodation options, so we’re going to keep our descriptions short and sweet here, but if you want to know more, please just ask us! In the main farmhouse are the nine Farmhouse suites, chic, peaceful and contemporary in style. There’s a bar, as well as a small pool and a spa area giving the feel of a boutique hotel.

Outside, on the site of the original farmworkers cottages, are the traditional Cape Dutch suites, plus the larger one and two bedroomed cottages (ideal for families), which have a sitting area and a well-equipped kitchen if you’d like to try some of the garden produce from the farm shop. A ten minute walk from the main area are the Fynbos Cottages, which are essentially pretty similar to the one and two bed cottages, but have their own pool area, a bit more privacy and wonderful views.  

Babylonstoren has a gym, as well as a lovely spa, and this really feels like the perfect place to unwind, slow down, and absorb yourselves in life’s simpler pleasures.  In all we’d truly recommend Babylonstoren to almost anyone, but if you’ve been working too hard and need a break, we’d probably go as far as packing your bags for you.

What can I do at the Babylonstoren? 

As we’ve already mentioned, there is a huge amount to do at Babylonstoren- and it’s not uncommon for guests to extend their visit once they’ve arrived, so we’d recommend at least a 2 or 3 night stay to do your visit justice. There are bikes for you to cycle around the property, there’s swimming or canoeing at the farm dam, there are garden tours in the morning (let us know as these should be booked in advance), cellar tours and wine tasting, fishing, hiking and jogging trails. 

And if you don’t come with your own wellies, don’t worry- the staff here have a selection in every size that will be placed by your door for your own explorations.  This includes sizes for younger guests, who will also find smaller sized bikes, right down to balance bikes, and some fabulous animals to visit on the farm.

Giving back at Babylonstoren:

Babylonstoren is justifiably popular with day visitors, who are charged a small entrance fee which goes towards the Babylonstoren Trust. This raises funds for community projects like the learning centre for worker’s children, school fees for talented pupils and sporting equipment.

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