Karisia Safaris, Laikipia: The Lowdown

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Spending time on a Karisia walking (or mountain-biking) safari is an experience like no other. This has all of the adventure an authenticity of walking safaris elsewhere in Africa (total immersion in the bush and a sense of utter adventure) combined with the chance to explore with your Samburu hosts.

What’s the accommodation like on a Karisia Walking Safari?

Your camp will be simple- a tent with roll mats, and small short-drop loo, and a bucket shower in separate tents nearby. Meals are eaten round the fire, under a tree, or under the stars.

What can I do on a Karisia Walking Safari?

Far more interesting than the camp is what you do on a typical day. Normally you’ll get up reasonably early, and have breakfast around the fire. Then you’ll begin your first walk before the sun’s too high in the sky. You’ll wander through the bush, stopping to listen to birds, look at animals, or track their prints in the dust. As some point during your walk, your team of camels and their warrior attendants will whizz past you, moving to set up the next camp. You’ll arrive there in time for lunch and a lazy snooze, before a late afternoon walk to a vantage point (perhaps the top of a huge rock) for sundowners. Then you’ll return to camp for a quick shower and dinner. Walks are tailored depending on your ability and how far you want to go each day.

Giving back with Karisia: 

Karisia’s safaris are naturally low impact, staff are local and conservation fees are paid to the local community. Owner Kerry has gone beyond this to help create an income flow and employment in the local community by founding Ewaso River Honey, buying, cleaning, packaging and delivering honey from local gatherers to market in Nairobi.

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