Lewa Safari Camp, Laikipia: The Lowdown

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The serious showstopper of a safari at Lewa Safari Camp has to be the view, a glorious sweep of grasses and acacia trees speckled with wildlife wandering to the watering hole, while closer to home, you could easily see a family of warthogs nipping across the lawns before breakfast. In this fabulous safari camp on the Laikipia Plateau sleep in what Lewa calls tents, but is probably best described as a wonderfully atmospheric room with canvas walls and ensuite bathroom (worth noting here that there is plenty of hot water, but only available at certain times of day). Lewa has about a dozen tents, all individually separated, and a communal mess area, where you’ll eat dinner (hearty home cooking rather than gourmet cuisine), gather for evening drinks and stargazing, and take an afternoon dip in the pool if you’re feeling energetic.

What can I do at Lewa Safari Camp?

What makes Lewa so special though isn’t the camp (though that is lovely), but rather what you do from the camp. Thrilling morning and afternoon game drives are a given, with chances of seeing all of the big five reasonably high over a few days. In particular, keep your eyes peeled for a sighting of the black and white rhino, rare elsewhere in Kenya, but plentiful on Lewa. In addition to this there are walking safaris (usually limited to over 16’s for safety reasons), riding safaris, camel safaris, meals out in the bush, and riveting talks about the conservancy.

Giving back at Lewa Safari Camp…

As befits a safari camp on a pioneering wildlife conservancy, much of the profit from Lewa is reinvested into conservation. While protecting the wildlife is a key part of this, another crucial element is in supporting the local community with education and healthcare projects. Back at camp, there’s a real commitment to recycling as much as possible, and electricity’s powered by solar inverters- small, but significant steps to make the camp as low impact as possible

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