Sosian Lodge, Laikipia: The Lowdown

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Really, if you’re the sort of person who’s chosen to come on safari in Africa in the first place, we’d be hard pressed to find anyone who didn’t love Sosian. A visit to this wonderful ranch house in Laikipia is like going to stay with old friends who seem to have a world of adventure on their doorstep.

What’s Sosian really like?

The lodge at Sosian is charming- a traditional East African ranch house with a friendly, family atmosphere, beautiful gardens and a plentiful supply of cake at tea-time. Guests stay in little cottages in the grounds, eat fun family-style meals in the main house,  and have a pool to splash around in when they’re not out and about on the ranch (which comes complete with 600 head of Boran cattle as well as big game!)

What can I do at Sosian?

To try all of the activities at Sosian, you’d probably need to stay for at least a week, but in truth, life operates very much at your own pace so if you want to just flop by the pool, you certainly can. If not, there is serious fun to be had. There are walking safaris and game drives (as well as the usual big game this is a wild-dog hot spot), camel riding and tennis. On the river there’s tubing, rafting, waterfall jumping and fishing. Special mention should go to the riding safaris at Sosian- there are horses to cater to almost every age and ability level, and given the array of other things to do here, it can be a brilliant option for families or couples where not all of you ride. Oh- and before we forget- you can also visit the nearby Samburu community here- a fastcinating insight into traditional pastoral life!

Giving back at Sosian:

Sosian epitomises the way the land, wildlife and people of Laikipia are tied together. The lodge works to protect the environment and the wildlife, in turn creating employment for the local community through tourism. Sosian’s involved with a research project for wild dogs, and supplies both nurses and firewood to the nearby villages. If you want to do your bit, just ask us as Sosian is signed up to the Pack for a Purpose scheme.

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