What to do and Where to Stay in Meru National Park

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No-one talks about safaris in Meru National Park much, and that’s OK by us.  While the herds flock to other game reserves, what we love about Meru is that it’s a proper safari. This park has the feel of raw adventure that we expect from our safaris.  As you round each corner it’s never quite possible to know what might be waiting for you: a herd of buffalo perhaps, a pride of lion on a kill, or a bateleur  eagle taking down a baby dik-dik. Well- that’s what we saw anyway.  Hyraxes frolic in the kopjes (incidentally, these tiny animals are said to be the nearest relative to an elephant) and leopards move soundlessly between the thorn bushes.

On safari in Meru National Park your main activity is likely to be game driving from your camp.  Several of the camps can offer walking safaris, and there’s also the chance to visit the local rhino sanctuary (which we’d argue makes this a Big Five reserve, even if we think such labels are rather over-hyped). As to where to stay in Meru- there are just a handful of options that we can recommend here. One rather lovely lodge, and a couple of luxury tented camps. Just ask and we’ll talk through the options with you.

Where to stay in Meru National Park:

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