Rekero Camp, Masai Mara: The Lowdown

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Rekero’s not the glitziest camp in the Mara- with a fabulous location for game viewing, and a homely rustic feel it’s really somewhere to appeal to safari purists.

What’s Rekero really like?

Set right on the banks of the Talek River, Rekero is a cosy bush camp run in the spirit of traditional safaris. Meals are generally eaten communally (often outdoors), the staff are cheerful and friendly, and the tents are comfortable but fairly low-key.  This is not the place to come for high-tech gyms or top-speed wifi. There is actually some wifi, but if connectivity is a priority this may not be the right camp for you!  The nine luxury tents have proper beds and ensuite bathrooms including a shower and flushing loo. Two of the tents are family tents, which have three extra single beds so a family can all be together. The tents are tucked away in the bush and look out towards the forest and the river.  In general, we’d say that this is a great camp for those who want a cosy, low-key atmosphere and a first-class game viewing location.

What can I do at Rekero?

Being right in the heart of the Mara Reserve, your main activity at Rekero will be the shared morning and afternoon game drives, though with such a central location, you’ll often find that the wildlife comes to you. This is particularly the case during the migration season especially with one of the major crossing points of the Talek River being very close by, though the surrounding area can inevitably get rather busy as a result. For an extra fee, we can also arrange dawn hot air balloon flights over the reserve, followed by a champagne breakfast and organise visits to a Maasai community.

Family safaris at Rekero:

Rekero first began as a family-run camp, and while times have moved on from this, the family-friendly ethos remains.  Children are welcome from aged 5 and over, though as there is often wildlife in and around camp, parents need to keep a close eye on youngsters and this is really better suited to slightly older children. The team are huge fun, and great at planning activities that visitors of all ages can enjoy.

Giving back at Rekero:

For each night of your stay, Rekero make a donation to a charitable trust that supports projects across the wider Mara area. These include supporting an FGM project at the nearby Aitong clinic, as well as helping with conservation projects to protect cheetahs and predators in the wider Mara ecosystem.

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