Sala’s Camp, Masai Mara: The Lowdown

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Sala’s is a luxury eco-camp located in the far south of the Mara Reserve, away from the busier parts of the reserve.

What’s Sala’s Camp really like?

Sala’s has just seven tents split between the “Forest” side of camp and the “Keekorok” side, just over the small Keekorok River. Two of them are family tents sleeping up to 3 extra children. Well, we say tents, but really these are pretty solid structures, so they’re probably best thought of as rooms with canvas walls. They have ensuite bathrooms with showers and flushing loos, pretty substantial furniture, glass doors and outside decks with private plunge pools. To add to your creature comforts the camp can also arrange spa treatments in your room.   There’s also a small gym over in the main area as well as a firepit for your evening drinks, and a mess area where you will eat evening meals. Unusually for this sort of camp, you will often dine separately from other guests.

It’s important that you know that Sala’s is very much in the wilds, so you can expect to have wildlife right in camp and when dry, the river bed is often used as a “motorway” for passing animals. Because of this, you will usually be escorted to bed each night by a Maasai askari.

What can I do at Sala’s Camp?

As Sala’s is set in the heart of the Mara Reserve, morning and afternoon game drives are your main activities here. One of the nice things about Sala’s location this far south is that the area tends to be less busy than areas of the reserve further north. For an additional fee, we can also book a sunrise hot air balloon flight for you- we’d generally recommend booking this in advance.

Giving back at Sala’s:

Wild cheetahs are incredibly vulnerable and their numbers are quickly diminishing. Sala’s guides monitor cheetah sightings to help the Mara Cheetah Project keep track of these fragile cats. The owners of Sala’s camp are also involved in giving back to the community, helping to support dental clinics and health programmes reducing FGM and raising HIV awareness.

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