Saruni Wild: The Lowdown

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With just three luxury safari tents and a cracker of a location in a wildlife-rich conservancy area, Saruni Wild is the ideal choice for those who want peace, simplicity and a sense of old-fashioned adventure from their safari.

What’s Saruni Wild really like?

While Saruni Wild is far removed from a basic camping experience, it still retains the gloriously wild feel of a seasonal camp. This means the tents aren’t huge, but are certainly large enough for a bed and an ensuite bathroom, the shower is a traditional bucket shower, and at night the camp is lit by flickering lanterns. Don’t be surprised if you see wildlife passing through the camp either- this is all part of the adventure and a Maasai asakari will escort you to and from your tent after dark. Two of the tents are standard double tents, while in between these is a family tent. This is essentially two tents put together with a double and two twin beds.  

As befits this kind of rustic safari camp, the main mess tent is prettily but simply furnished, much in the style of the guest tents. There are rugs on the floor, patterned throws, and a dining room where you’ll eat communal meals with your fellow guests and hosts. Riccardo, who owns the Saruni Camps, is Italian, so you can expect a strong Italian leaning in the food. All in all, while we’d stress this is simple as tented camps go, this is a great option for guests who want a camp with a wild feel and a sense of remoteness, romance, and adventure.

What can I do at Saruni Wild?

Guiding at Saruni Wild is usually very good and your morning and afternoon game drives tend to take place within the Lemek and Mara North Conservancies. Walking safaris are also available (these are usually limited to older teens and adults), there are visits to the local village, and hot air balloon flights can be arranged for an extra fee- please let us know if you’d like to do this as it needs to be booked in advance. For those who have a hankering to see a rhino, Saruni Wild can take you to the rhino sanctuary in a neighbouring conservancy- there is usually a donation payable locally for this. For anyone travelling with older children or teenagers Saruni’s Warrior for a Week programme is a great way to learn more about the traditional Maasai way of life. Lastly, should you wish to have a massage, this can be arranged at sister camp Saruni Mara, a 45 minute game drive away.

Giving back at Saruni Wild:

Saruni was a founding member of the Mara North Conservancy, helping to protect the land for wildlife and provide income for local people in the form of rent to the community. Over 90% of the staff here are from the local community and many of the artefacts you will find for sale in the main lodge are made by Maasai ladies. Saruni also helps to sponsor young Maasai through the Koiyaki guiding school.

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