What to do and Where to Stay- Kenya’s Lakes: Nakuru, Naivasha and Victoria

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Exploring Kenya’s great lakes (Naivasha, Nakuru and Victoria) is often passed over in favour of more land-based pursuits- game drives or walking safaris. However, we’d urge anyone who’s interested in seeing a little more of Kenya than just a wildlife reserve to include at least one of these in their itinerary.

Lake Nakuru

To be fair, Lake Nakuru National Park is primarily wildlife-focused- the clouds of flamingos that fringe the shoreline and naughty-looking rhinos are the main draw here.  Although small Lake Nakuru is very pretty, and we’ve always enjoyed it as a day trip. We’ve had slightly mixed reports about much of the accommodation here (never say never though!) so we often book this as a day trip from Lake Naivasha.

Lake Naivasha

Naivasha’s around an hour away from Nakuru. Traditionally a flower-farming area, Naivasha is at the heart of the Rift Valley, known (not all that long ago) as Kenya’s “Happy Valley”. While the colonial party animals may have departed, the traditional homesteads remain, and many of these are now open to guests, who want a few days of relaxation and general pottering before heading on to a busier safari.

Lake Victoria

Finally- Lake Victoria. There’s something about this that makes you feel as if you’re experiencing Africa as it really is. This is a place of utter relaxation, but as far removed from the glossy beach resorts of the Kenyan coast as it’s possible to be. The two lodges here are particularly rustic and laid back. Your most exhausting day might include a little fishing, perhaps a gentle hike or a visit to the local Luo fishing community.

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