WaterLovers, Diani: The Lowdown

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WaterLovers is a tiny guesthouse on Diani Beach, one of Kenya’s most beautiful beaches.

What’s WaterLovers really like?

There’s one large private villa, and eight suites split between four cottages in the grounds. The decor’s typical of the East African coastline, with stone floors, woven rugs, and traditional carved wooden beds. Outside the rooms there’s a small verandah or balcony (depending on if you’re the upper or lower room in each cottage) which makes a lovely spot to curl up with a book.

There’s a pretty pool overlooking the water, a gorgeous stretch of beach, and a restaurant which serves food reflecting your location (lots of delicious seafood) and owners Valentina and Riccardo’s Italian heritage. There’s also an excellent selection of restaurants nearby, so if you decide you want to pop out in the evening, it can be easily arranged.  

Those wanting glitzy, 5* luxury, should probably consider some of the glossy larger hotels further up the coast, but for somewhere, small, intimate, and on a glorious beach, WaterLovers is an excellent bet.

What can I do at WaterLovers? 

It’s fair to say that most people come to the East African coast to relax, and that’s precisely what most guests at WaterLovers tend do. The average day rarely involves much more than flopping out with a good book or taking a dip in the pool. However, should you wish to get out and about, this part of the coast is a fantastic base for kitesurfing and windsurfing (there’s a school close to WaterLovers) or you can take a dhow out to the reef for snorkelling. It’s also possible to arrange diving and deep-sea fishing locally, and there is a golf course in Diani.

Giving back at WaterLovers:

WaterLovers makes the most of the abundant sunshine by using solar panels for electricity. When the lodge was built, the trees were kept and the buildings went up around them- ensuring that monkeys, birds and bushbabies still live around the lodge. If you’d like to learn more about the Colobus Monkeys at the lodge, you can visit the local colobus monkey trust (and look out for the “monkey ladders” above the road!)

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