Kubu Kubu Tented Lodge: The Lowdown

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Kubu Kubu is a medium-sized tented lodge with glorious views out over the savannah of the central Serengeti.

What’s Kubu Kubu really like?

There are 25 luxury tents, raised on decks looking out towards the park. These are relatively modern in style, and more solid feeling than some of the seasonal camps elsewhere in the Serengeti– with the canvas and thatch they’re almost better described as chalets rather than tents. All of the tents are en suite with flushing loos and open-air showers, and are powered by solar electricity. Given the number of rooms, the camp is fairly spread out so please let us know if you don’t want to walk too far to the main area (or equally want to be out on your own) and we’ll pass your request along! Most of the tents are double tents, however there is one quadruple tent sleeping four, and a family tent which has two bedrooms (both with ensuite bathrooms including an outside shower and bathtub). Despite all of this comfort, you’re very much still in the wilderness- the camp is unfenced and at night you’ll be escorted to your room by Maasai warriors in case you meet any 4-legged visitors.

There’s a large sitting and dining area, where wholesome, hearty meals are served. We’d stress that Tanzania isn’t (yet) a real gourmet destination, so you should expect food to be simple and warming rather than haute cuisine. In the main area there is wi-fi in case you need to check in with home. We should mention this is likely to be a lot slower and more erratic than anything you’re used to at home, but bearing in mind where Kubu Kubu is, we’re always astonished that there’s any internet at all! Unusually for the Serengeti, Kubu Kubu also has a swimming pool- while you may not use this during the chillier winter months, during the hot summer of January and February it is an absolute delight.

What can I do at Kubu Kubu?

Activities from Kubu Kubu, naturally, focus on game drives in the Serengeti National Park. As a general rule our guests who stay here will have arrived with their own safari vehicle and guide who will conduct game drives. For an additional fee, we can also arrange early morning hot air balloon flights over the Serengeti (followed by a champagne breakfast, naturally).

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