Lamai, Serengeti: The Lowdown

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We were prepared to love Lamai before it was even built. It was one of the first lodges in our favourite area of the Serengeti National Park, the remote north, and we were aching for an alternative to the (admittedly lovely) seasonal camps that were already there. Though it took a lot of searching (not least for a reliable water source) the team at Nomad Tanzania finally found their site and built their camp. And what a camp.

What is Lamai Serengeti like?

The twelve lovely rooms are wrapped around the Kogakuria kopjes with glorious views out over the northern Serengeti. They’re split into Lamai Main Camp (8 rooms) and Private Camp (4 rooms). Each lodge has its own bar and dining area, and a natural rock pool. The overall feel here is a very natural one (think plenty of wood, stone and thatch), but comfortable- each room has an ensuite bathroom with flushing loos and showers.

What can I do at Lamai Serengeti?

At Lamai your daily activities focus on game driving through the Serengeti with the excellent Nomad guides. However, it’s also possible to arrange guided walking safaris, and picnics out in the bush.

Giving back at Lamai Serengeti:  

Almost since it was founded Nomad has invested heavily in the people and environment of Tanzania to ensure the things we love are there for generations to come. It’s long had a policy of supporting its staff and guides to become financially independent and develop their skills, and each detail is though about- for example look at the furniture when you’re at Lamai- it’s made by a company that trains up street kids as professional carpenters. There is also the Nomad Trust that helps guests support on the ground projects, so please let us know if you want further information on this.

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