Mbuzi Mawe: The Lowdown

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We’ve always rather liked Mbuzi Mawe, and the only problem we’ve ever had here is trying to find space for our guests! Mbuzi Mawe has a good, central location in the Serengeti, set amongst the boulders of a small kopje. This is home to klipspringers and rock hyraxes, so you’re not the only inhabitants here.

What’s Mbuzi Mawe really like?

Mbuzi Mawe has just 16 luxury safari tents. These fit nicely into place between the more permanent structure of a lodge, and the mobile tented camps. Your room’s got canvas walls and roof, but you have good solid furniture (including two queen-sized beds in each room) and an ensuite bathroom with solar shower to the rear. The main area’s also a nice mix between canvas and a more solid structure, with a good sized sitting area, a small bar and curio shop and a dining tent. At the end of your evening meal you will usually be escorted back to your tent by a Maasai asakari in case of any encounters with 4-legged visitors.

What can I do at Mbuzi Mawe?

Most of our guests who stay at Mbuzi Mawe will drive in with their own safari vehicle and guide, and use the camp as a base for daily game drives in the Serengeti. For an extra fee, it is also possible to arrange dawn hot air balloon flights in this area.

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