Namiri Plains, Serengeti: The Lowdown

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If someone tells you’ve they’ve been on safari to the Serengeti a thousand times, tell them you’re off to Namiri Plains and watch them turn a gentle shade of green. This camp crept onto the safari scene with a whisper in 2014, and has been at the top of the list for in-the-know big cat lovers ever since.

What’s Namiri Plains really like?

First off: while Namiri is a luxury tented camp, it’s a semi-permanent one. You’ll have a proper bed, but a bucket shower instead of permanent plumbing.  The feel is comfortable, but definitely bush, rather than bling. Namiri has two main mess tents, where meals are eaten and sundowners sourced, and the all-important “bush TV” (a.k.a campfire) is lit nearby.

What can I do at Namiri Plains?

Cheetah lovers- step forwards! The area around Namiri Plains has been off-limits to tourists for nearly 20 years, with the land held back for cheetah conservation. As a result, game drives in this area are absolutely top notch for spotting big cats- cheetah, plus lion and leopard too.  And while game drives are definitely the way to get up close and personal with the big cats, Namiri Plains can also arrange walking safaris if you want to get out and stretch your legs.

Giving back at Namiri Plains: Namiri’s owners take their commitment to having a positive impact seriously and work with 7 local primary schools to help fund the provision of supplies, and also funding scholarships.

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