Nyikani Migration Camp: The Lowdown

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Nyikani Migration Camp is a seasonal camp which moves between the northern and southern parts of the Serengeti, generally tracing the movements of the wildebeest migration. And, as with everything in nature, we can’t guarantee that you will see the wildebeest (they are unpredictable creatures) the Serengeti rarely disappoints.

What’s Nyikani Migration Camp really like?

Nyikani Migration Camp is a great choice for those who want to experience the Serengeti with a degree of authenticity, but not too much glitz or fuss. It’s designed to be lightweight and whisked away without a footprint, so the camp is simple as luxury tents go, but comfortable and with the same magical sense of romance that comes with sleeping under canvas across Africa. The olive canvas tents have mats on the floor, wooden furniture, and a flushing loo and safari-style bucket shower in the bathroom. From here, guests wander over to the main mess tent where there are plenty of comfy chairs to lounge on as well as dining tables. Guests eat separately here, rather than at large communal tables, however there are plenty of opportunities for sharing tales of adventure around the camp fire.

What can I do at Nyikani Migration Camp?

Most of our guests will arrive at camp with one of our driver guides, and use this vehicle for game drives, however for fly-in guests the camp offers their own game drives in shared vehicles.

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