Sayari, Serengeti: The Lowdown

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When we first went on safari to Sayari, she was a delightful seasonal camp, temporarily located in the north, our favourite part of the Serengeti. In recent years, Sayari has had something of a facelift, and is now one of the most luxurious tented camps in the northern Serengeti, with a rim flow pool looking out over the distant plains, and views stretching for miles.

What is Sayari like?

Sayari’s split in half with nine tents on one side and six on the other, each with their own mess tent, where you’ll relax and eat dinner round large communal tables in the evenings. The tents go beyond most luxury tents that we’ve met and are probably better described as luxury suites than anything else. Sayari is bush luxury at its finest- comfortable and good for the soul without too many intrusions from the modern world.

What do I do on safari at Sayari?

Crucial to Sayari’s magic is the game viewing. The wildebeest migration pays an annual visit to this area of the Serengeti (roughly between July and November), but even without this there’s plenty of resident game, and a real sense of exclusivity, as you’re largely alone in this beautiful part of the Serengeti.

Giving back at Sayari:

Sayari began a project helping local villages to grow vegetables which are now sold back to Sayari and other safari camps in the Serengeti. The camp also works with Pack for a Purpose, supporting guests who bring donations for the local secondary school. Guides are also involved with helping to monitor rhinos in the area for the rhino conservation programme.

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