Serengeti Safari Camp: The Lowdown

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Serengeti Safari Camp is one of a number of seasonal safari camps which roam the plains of the Serengeti loosely following the movements of the wildebeest migration. Every two or three months the camp moves to a different area of park, leaving barely a footprint behind it.

What’s Serengeti Safari Camp like?

There are six large canvas tents, large enough to walk in to and with a comfortable bed in each one. There’s a simple dressing area, and a small bathroom in the canvas at the rear of the tent, with a bucket shower and eco loo. Meals are eaten in the large communal mess tent, and outside there’s a central fire place around which all of the guests gather in the evening for cold drinks, tale-telling and stargazing.

What can I do at Serengeti Safari Camp?

As the whole purpose of this gorgeous camp is to be where game viewing is best, your activities focus on game drives with your driver guide wherever you happen to be in the Serengeti. As a general rule game drives are shared, with 4-6 people to each vehicle. While we can’t guarantee you’ll see the wildebeest migration (Mother Nature, as always, is full of surprises) you’re sure to see something wonderful each time.

Giving back at Serengeti Safari Camp: 

The owners of Serengeti Safari Camp walk the walk when it comes to responsible tourism. Their fantastic in-house training helps to provide opportunities for any staff members to become guides, and for guides to own their own vehicle and lease it back to the company. Camps themselves have eco-loos to reduce their impact on the land, and the Nomad Trust helps to co-ordinate donations from guests who want to help support their efforts.

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