Serengeti Under Canvas: The Lowdown

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&Beyond Serengeti Under Canvas is a seasonal camp that moves around the Serengeti every few months of the year, broadly tracing the movements of the Great Migration.

What’s Serengeti Under Canvas Really like?

As the camp isn’t on a permanent location, you shouldn’t expect such luxuries as a swimming pool or air-conditioning, however it’s certainly one of the most comfortable of the Serengeti’s herd of seasonal camps. Wherever the position of your camp there are usually nine standard tents, with a simple verandah out front, rugs covering the canvas floors, and double or twin beds. In the back of each tent there’s a loo and a bucket-style safari shower open to the stars. There is one family tent which can fit two children between 6 & 12.  From here it is a short walk to the main campfire, mess tent and dining tent- at night you’ll be escorted by a guard as the camp is often in a prime wildlife viewing area with four-legged visitors wandering around at night.

What can I do at Serengeti Under Canvas?

Game viewing from Serengeti under Canvas is usually in shared game drive vehicles with pop-up roofs. Private vehicles are available for an extra fee. As the camp broadly tracks the wildebeest migration you’ll often see that, though we would say, as always, you are in nature and the wildebeest certainly don’t move on a schedule, so we don’t make any guarantees. However, you’re always in the Serengeti, so there’s usually something special to see! Depending on the camp’s location during your visit we may also be able to add on an early morning hot air balloon flight for you. Please note that this needs to be booked in advance.

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