Serian, Serengeti: The Lowdown

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Serian Serengeti is a luxury seasonal camp, which moves between the northern and southern Serengeti every six months, broadly following the movements of the wildebeest migration. Predicting the steps of the migration is far from an exact science, but wherever you are in the Serengeti, there’s always something interesting to look at.

What’s Serian really like?

Serian Serengeti is really a camp for the safari purist. It is certainly far from cheap, but also not inappropriately glitzy. Instead, what you’re really paying for is the safari magic.  The seven luxury safari tents here are comfortable, with large beds and ensuite bathrooms which have flushing loos and bucket showers. And don’t get us started on the bush bath- open air bathing is probably one of the most romantic things we’ve ever done. Two of the tents are put together either side of a central sitting room to make a suite, which can work well for a family safari. The tents are very much in the wilds- don’t be surprised if you hear baboons calling during the night and the odd sound of munching from the other side of the canvas! You’ll spend much of the day off on game drives but when you’re back in camp there’s a cosy mess tent where meals are eaten, and a campfire for end of day drinks.

What can I do at Serian?

One of the many luxuries that makes Serian Serengeti so special is that a private vehicle for game drives is included as standard, so you can really have the ultimate flexibility in your explorations. When you are in the Southern Serengeti it’s possible to arrange visits to the local community, and in both locations fly camping is available as an optional extra, though we would advise booking this in advance.

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