Gibb’s Farm, Karatu: The Lowdown

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When we first stayed at Gibb’s Farm, it was a simple farmhouse-style lodge that we fell in love with as soon as we saw the jacaranda tree blooming in the garden (late September if you want to repeat the experience). The staff were charming, the armchair was cosy and the veggies were hours out of the soil- something we appreciated all the more at a time when ripe tomatoes were something of an anomaly in British supermarkets (though some might argue they still are…)

What’s Gibb’s Farm like?

Today, Gibb’s has been updated, but still keeps the farmhouse charm it always had. The rooms are still delightful and very definitely “country”, but these days the 18 individual cottages also come with indoor and outdoor showers, fireplaces and private verandahs. Views from the garden are still utterly glorious, and food is still deliciously fresh, but a little more elegant than the “meat and potatoes” style we once knew.

What can I do at Gibb’s Farm?

Gibb’s Farm is an absolutely perfect base for a safari to the Ngorongoro Crater or Lake Manyara, as it’s located half way between the two. And while many of our guests are understandably keen to rush off on safari, if we could, we’d try to persuade everyone to stay a little longer- to enjoy the spa, the farm, the local hiking and birding, and visits to the local community. A stay at Gibb’s really feels like so much more than just a safari- a true insight into rural Tanzania.

Giving back at Gibb’s Farm:

As befits a lodge on an organic farm, Gibb’s is committed to sustainable and environmentally responsible practices. Grey water and glass bottles are recycled, water is mainly heated by solar and most of the veggies are grown right on the farm. Guests at Gibb’s who want to get involve can help the lodge carpenters with building desks and furniture for the local school or contribute towards tree planting  programmes.

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