Oliver’s Camp, Tarangire: The Lowdown

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Oliver’s is just the sort of safari camp that we love- a proper, old fashioned bush camp. It’s comfortable enough that you don’t feel like you’re roughing it, but there’re no fripperies to distract from the frankly glorious wilderness around.  When we visited we just wanted to sink into the chairs in the mess with a pair of binos and never leave.

What’s Oliver’s Camp like?

Oliver’s Camp has ten large, luxury safari tents, cosy and natural in style, five spread out on each side of the mess tent.  Each has an ensuite bathroom with a shower open to the evening stars- a desperately romantic touch that we just can’t get enough of. The central mess area is the heart of the camp- it’s where you’ll gather for evening drinks by the campfire and eat your meals- often gathered around a central table where you’ll share your tales of the day’s safari.

What can I do at Oliver’s Camp?

Guests come to Oliver’s to enjoy safari in Tarangire National Park. If you’re flying into camp you can also do night game drives (guests who drive in with their own guide can arrange these for an extra cost). Adventurers who want to do something truly unusual can also choose to try out a walking safari.

Feel-good factor at Oliver’s Camp:

Rainwater and waste are recycled at Oliver’s and where efforts to be carbon-neutral aren’t quite there yet, trees are planted to offset the camp’s fossil fuel emissions. Guests can also donate to the Asilia Foundation which helps to support the local Sambwa Primary School.

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