Kwihala: The Lowdown

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If you’re a fan of a proper safari, then Kwihala’s usually a fairly safe bet. It’s a classic luxury tented camp run by a team of passionate guides who make your stay unforgettable, and the area Kwihala is located in is one of the best areas for game viewing in the Ruaha.

What’s Kwihala really like?

Kwihala’s tents have a proper bed and an ensuite bathroom, so you’re comfortable enough, but the walls are canvas so you don’t lose touch with the wilds. The feel is friendly and homely with convivial shared meals and plenty of passing wildlife to distract you.

What can I do at Kwihala?

A day at Kwihala is typical of a Tanzanian safari– an early morning start with a steaming cup of coffee, a quick breakfast, then off into the bush for a few hours. Sometimes you’ll even dispense with breakfast in camp altogether, and instead grab a picnic box to take out on the game drive with you. After lunch and a snooze, you’ll head off again in your game drive vehicle for another few hours, before drinks around the campfire and a jolly communal dinner. Night game drives and walking safaris are available, but for walks you do need to be over 16 for safety purposes. Our advice would be to recommend this camp to people who are reasonably serious about their safari-the wildlife and the game viewing is the focus here, and meals can be postponed for hours if you’re busy watching something spectacular in the reserve.

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