Beho Beho, Selous: The Lowdown

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We’re reluctant to pick favourites. After all, there are lots of very lovely safari lodges in Tanzania. But Beho Beho’s somewhere special. It consistently appears near the top of our list of the best African lodges, and as well as being unequivocally worth a visit in its own right, Beho Beho combines incredibly well with several of the other safari lodges in the Selous.

What is Beho Beho like?

To get the painful bit out of the way first, Beho Beho is far from cheap. And it’s also pretty luxurious, in a casual, understated sort of way. If you had some wonderful friends who happened to own a glorious country house, which turned out to be in the middle of the African wilderness, Beho Beho is about what you’d get. There are large, comfortable, open-fronted rooms with fantastic views (and recently added plunge pools), great food, charming staff who often end up more like friends, and fabulous, fabulous guides.  The latest additions to Beho Beho are the treehouse (desperately romantic and just magical for any bush lovers), and Bailey’s Banda. Named after the owner’s family, this has two rooms, and is perfect for a family safari away from the grown-up atmosphere of the main lodge. Alternatively, with its private vehicle and guide, the banda works particularly well for adults who want a little privacy (and even more exclusivity).

What can I do at Beho Beho?

The Beho Beho guides are easily amongst the very best we’ve had in East Africa, and it is them, above all, who make Beho Beho stand head and shoulders above the rest. Join them on game drives, walking safaris, even boat safaris on Lake Tagalala, and you’ll see what we mean.

On a continent of special places, this is a special one indeed.

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