Kiba Point: The Lowdown

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Beautiful, wild Kiba Point is the perfect hideaway for families or groups of friends on safari in the Selous.

What’s Kiba Point really like?

Set on a wide sweep of the Rufiji River this four-bedroomed lodge is your own totally private bush home. The main mess and the rooms all look out over the river, so we’re afraid to report that your peace may be disturbed by a fish eagle or a honking hippo, but otherwise Kiba is all yours.  The rooms are all open-fronted, rustic, and wonderfully comfortable, with indoor and outdoor showers, and a private plunge pool. If that’s not enough to wallow in, there’s also a pool over in the main part of the lodge, as well as the lounge and dining room.

What can I do at Kiba Point?

All activities at Kiba Point are entirely private, so whether you’re on guided game drives, boat safaris, or walking safaris (over 12s only), your activities are just for you. The beauty of this kind of experience is that it’s so flexible, if you want to have breakfast out in the bush, or go fishing in the early morning, it can be arranged. There are trips to the hot springs and sundowners perched on the bonnet of your safari vehicle. At least, we like ‘em that way, though rumour has it Kiba can do it the civilised way with chairs too! As an additional option, Kiba Point can also arrange a night of fly camping out in the bush. Again, for dull- but important- safety reasons, this is for over 12s only.

Giving back at Kiba Point:

We are fairly shameless in our promotion of lodges that give back to the local community and we are thrilled that the owners of Kiba do so much to support both their staff and the people of Tanzania. They help sponsor a clinic in Western Tanzania, a children’s fund in Northern Tanzania, anti-poaching and predator conservation project- the list goes on. They also do a huge amount of internal training and promotion and help their guides to become freelance with micro-finance loans to buy their own vehicles- there’s a reason why the staff here are generally very smiley!

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