Roho ya Selous: The Lowdown

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Roho ya Selous is the latest addition to the Asilia group of camps. Taking over one of the finest spots in the Selous, it opened in August 2017, with eight large safari tents (including one family tent) tucked away between the trees, peeping out in places towards the water. These are large with a shady netting overhead to keep off the worst excesses of the Selous heat, and Evening Breeze cooling above the beds. Off to the side, the bathrooms have a stone wall around them, and flushing loos with both indoor and outdoor showers. If you’ve never tried the latter, you’re in for a treat- there is something absolutely magical about having the sounds of the wild accompany you as you shower! The tents are built around the edges of a small promontory that juts out over the water, and in the centre of these is the main mess where there’s a lounge and dining tent, with meals which are generally served communally. There’s also a swimming pool, and amazingly in this incredibly remote area, wifi.

What can I do at Roho ya Selous? 

Activities on offer at Roho ya Selous include morning and afternoon game drives in open sided vehicles, walking safaris for over 16s and boat safaris. This area of the lake systems is a gorgeous spot to explore and the birdlife on a boat safari is particularly special- bringing a pair of binoculars with you will help to make this especially magical. There is also catch and release fishing- this is mainly for catfish, but lucky fishermen might also get a chance at tiger fish too.

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