Fanjove Private Island: The Lowdown

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Tiny little Fanjove is an island small enough to walk around in a couple of hours. You take a plane to Songo Songo from Dar es Salaam, hitch a ride down to the dock and float over to this remote island, inhabited for years only by fishermen, and now one lovely little lodge. This is definitely somewhere that has huge natural charm- gorgeous white beaches, amazing birdlife, and the occasional passing whale or dolphin. It’s no surprise then, that this was a beach lodge established by a safari company and runs very much along safari ideals of staying out in the wilds and close to nature.

What’s Fanjove really like?

Fanjove has just 10 peaceful bandas set back amongst the vegetation on the beach, all super rustic A-framed chalets made from wood and mukuti palm. There are big screens that open at the front, wooden floors and woven matting walls and a four poster bed. Behind there’s the bathroom with a shower. The feel here is very back to nature, so there’s no air conditioning, just big doors you open and close for the sea breeze to do its job. Sandy paths lead to the main area which is of similar design, a large A frame where you can relax and eat meals- often fresh fish caught locally. You might equally eat out on the beach if weather allows. In all, this is a rather magical and idyllic spot- ideal for lovers of simple, back to earth eco-lodges.

What can I do at Fanjove Private Island?

Being at Fanjove really feels like being at the end of the world, so it doesn’t tend to attract guests looking for the same range of facilities as you might find in the larger beach resorts elsewhere in Tanzania. Nonetheless, it’s possible to try diving and snorkelling here, head out in the boat to try to swim with the local spinner or bottlenose dolphins, take a sunset dhow trip, or potter out to a sand bank for lunch. From July to October, you may also spot migrating humpbacked whales passing the island. Birdwatching is gorgeous, and you can try kayaking or a bit of gentle fishing from the beach.

Giving back at Fanjove Private Island:

Rooms have been built using traditional natural materials, wood, palm leaves, and thatch. Rooms at Fanjove are all solar powered.

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