Pole Pole, Mafia Island: The Lowdown

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It’s no coincidence that Pole Pole means “slowly, slowly”- it’s impossible not to completely slow down when you arrive here. Pole Pole is one of the most relaxing lodges we’ve ever stayed at- utterly peaceful and a million miles from the outside world.

What’s Pole Pole really like?

The seven thatched bungalows here are deliberately rustic and with an incredibly natural feel- there’s soft wood underfoot, window curtains blowing in the breeze, and a verandah that we snoozed for hours on. If you’re not quite 100% relaxed when you get here, we sampled the massage on your behalf and can confirm it was just blissful. There’s a pool under the palm trees, and a library of books and games.

What can I do at Pole Pole?

The offshore marine park that Pole Pole sits in means the lodge attracts a lot of divers and snorkelers, and there’s a gorgeous old dhow that you can take out to a remote sandbank for a picnic lunch. Onshore, Mafia Island is utterly idyllic, and a trip to explore the villages and colonial ruins of the island is fascinating. And if all that proves a little too exhausting, we’ve tested the massages and can confirm they were utterly blissful.

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