Budongo Eco Lodge: The Lowdown

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Budongo Eco Lodge is a simple little lodge that we use as a base for guests wishing to trek chimps in this little known forest near Murchison Falls National Park.

What’s Budongo Eco Lodge really like?

Budongo Eco Lodge is right in the forest with a small clearing where the main building is. This serves as your bar, a basic restaurant and the base for meeting before chimp treks. There is then a dormitory (we don’t generally use this for Extraordinary Africa guests) and three cabins, each split into two bedrooms. We would stress that the cabins are simple with tin roofs, and wooden walls and floors so the overall effect is fairly chalet-like. Inside, the rooms are basic, but functional. There are double, twin or double + single beds, with mosquito nets, and a sofa. The bathrooms have showers with solar hot water and eco loos with ash. Budongo is firmly on the simple end of the spectrum, but for guests who come with the right expectations, it is a convenient base for the chimp trekking, and falling asleep with the noises of the forest all around is enchanting.

What can I do at Budongo Eco Lodge? 

Any of our guests who are coming to stay here are at Budongo for the chimp trekking, which is just magical. It’s rare that our guests would spend more than a night here, but there is also some lovely birding and the chance to go on a forest walk.

Giving back at Budongo Eco Lodge: 

Budongo’s mission is very much to protect the forest and the wildlife within. They run conservation education programmes with the local community, monitor the reserve for illegal logging of hardwoods and threats to the chimps, and help to preserve and protect the chimpanzee population.

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