Bwindi Lodge: The Lowdown

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Utterly charming Bwindi Lodge is a rustic-luxury eco lodge tucked on the edge of a village overlooking Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

What’s Bwindi Lodge really like?

Entering the main lodge, we had cosy feel of arriving at a rather lovely home- the smell of polished wood, huge windows looking out into the forest and fireplaces to snuggle up beside. And for those who’re expecting Uganda to be hot, you definitely need these- it gets surprisingly chilly up here in the mountains. Food is wholesome, and service is friendly, and while it’s not always as slick as you might expect from a swanky city hotel, who needs bowing waiters when there’s a chance you might see gorillas on the lawn?  And although Bwindi is charmingly rustic, there is wifi in the main house. We should however mention that as Bwindi is firmly an eco-lodge, you’ll have power in the mornings and evenings, but not outside these times.

Wandering along the stone pathways away from the main lodge we found eight comfortable cottages.  They have thick stone walls, big windows looking out towards the forest and jaunty African fabrics on the beds.  In all we found this to be an utterly delightful lodge with just one drawback. There are a lot of steps down into the lodge- nothing that would pose much of a challenge to anyone who’s fit enough to gorilla trek- but they do make it even harder to bring yourself to leave.

What can I do at Bwindi Lodge?

We can’t imagine anyone coming to Bwindi Lodge and not going gorilla trekking in Bwindi Forest, but aside from that there is plenty you can do- our pick would be taking a gentle walk along the river or down into the village. This is a great place to shop for local crafts and the Bwindi Bar is both a fabulous community enterprise and a great way to reward yourself after a hard trek. Lastly, Bwindi Lodge provides an excellent massage- ideal after a day of gorilla trekking.

Giving back at Bwindi Lodge:

The owners of Bwindi Lodge are seriously committed to Uganda and giving back to the community here. In conjunction with their community trust they’ve helped to set up a project planting tea as a buffer zone around the edge of the forest. This helps to reduce human-wildlife conflict as gorillas are less inclined to come crop raiding. The Bwindi Bar is another project that the lodge supports, giving disadvantaged youths hands-on experience in hospitality work- all you need to do your bit is to wander down one afternoon for a cup of tea and a slice of cake!

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