Gorilla Forest Camp: The Lowdown

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Gorilla Forest Camp is part of the upmarket chain of Sanctuary Lodges which stretches across Africa and beyond. It has a fantastic location close to one of the start points for the gorilla trek, and it’s not unheard of for gorillas to be spotted on the camp’s lawn.

What’s Gorilla Forest Camp really like?

First off- we’ll get the painful bit out of the way- the lodge is around 90-100 steps up from the road, so you certainly earn your comfortable bed. This said, we don’t anticipate this will be a problem for anyone who’s come to Uganda for gorilla trekking. Once you make it up the hill there are eight tented suites set into the forest and a main mess area looking out over the lawns. You’re very much in the heart of Bwindi here-  expect bugs, beautiful birds and rain. Beyond this there’s lush vegetation around you, sweet and fun staff, and eight luxury safari style tents. Each has two queen sized beds, an ensuite bathroom with a glorious tub which is perfect for soaking away the mud and aches post gorilla trek. Over in the main mess, there’s a small bar, dining room serving wholesome, warming food, and on the lawn outside there’s a firepit where you can warm your damp toes at the end of the day. We should also mention there is wifi- this is currently only in the main area and like much of Uganda, operates on African time. Do not expect video streaming nor to be able to send hi-res photos. Part of the magic of Gorilla Forest Camp is escaping from the outside world.

What can I do at Gorilla Forest Camp?

The main activity at Gorilla Forest Camp is gorilla trekking in Bwindi National Park. You can also choose to visit the Batwa community, hike in the forest- this is particularly rewarding for birders, or take a walking visit to the local village. This isn’t always an immediate must-do for our guests, but we’d really encourage throwing yourself into it as time and time again they report back: “we came to Uganda for the wildlife, but we’re going back for the people”. Lastly- a special mention to the spa- this is in a lovely peaceful clearing- your reviewer has a weak spot for Africology products, but post-trek massages popular with most guests!

Giving back at Gorilla Forest Camp…

Gorilla Forest Camp works with Bwindi Community Hospital, looking after 100,000 people in the local area. There’s a huge shortage of nurses who often don’t choose to live in this remote rural area and cannot speak the local language. Gorilla Forest Camp helps sponsor local people to train as nurses to counteract this. Please ask if you would like to visit the hospital as part of your stay.

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