Turaco Treetops: The Lowdown

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Turaco Treetops is a pretty, excellent value lodge with a lovely setting close to Kibale Forest.

What’s Turaco Treetops really like?

We think this is an excellent option for guests who don’t want to go too wild with ultra-luxury lodges, but still want to stay somewhere comfortable and be close to Kibale Forest. The location is just lovely with a real sense of being part of the forest- views out over (and into) the trees are everywhere, and there are tons of monkeys and birds in the grounds. The pool is lovely and there are a good number of children’s activities and games, so this is a great lodge for families. In fact, you do get a few local families coming to visit for the day to enjoy the pool and restaurant themselves. The restaurant is in the main area of the lodge, and serves hearty, wholesome food to fuel your chimp trekking. Upstairs there’s a lounge, and also some wifi.

For Extraordinary Africa guests we’d normally book one of the eight Luxury Forest Cottages. These are nicely spread out so feel fairly private, and have lovely views out over the forest from the deck. Inside they’re decorated in a modern style with clean lines and natural materials and the vibrant greens of the forest coming through the window.  All of the Luxury Cottages are en suite and they’re also big enough that if you’re travelling with children it’s possible to fit an extra bed or two in. There is also one budget cottage deeper in the forest with an outside bathroom. Like many lodges in the area, electricity is solar, so hot water can be intermittent when it rains.

What can I do at Turaco Treetops?

Almost all of our guests who come to Kibale Forest come for the chimp trekking, and Turaco Treetops is about 15 minutes from chimp HQ so it is a good place to base yourselves for your trek (or chimp habituation). Should you wish to stretch your legs further, there are some lovely walks in the forest around the lodge, and you’re very close to the Bigodi Wetlands for the excellent birding tours. With more time to spare, the lodge can also help arrange community visits to the nearby villages or hikes around the crater lakes and tea plantations.


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