What to do and Where to Stay in Northern Zambia: Bangwelu, Kasanka & the North Luangwa

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Taking a safari in Zambia is already fairly off the beaten track, but head into the country’s northernmost reaches and you’re getting into very remote territory indeed. This part of Zambia is usually accessed only by charter flight, and the attraction really lies in enjoying experiences that few other people ever will. We fell utterly in love with North Luangwa. There was relatively little game, but the feeling of utter peace and understanding that arises from spending days on the foot is hard to rival. This is a walking-only park (we did one night drive in a 4 day stay) and works well in combination with a safari in the South Luangwa for those who want a big-game fix.

Even further from the trodden path are Bangwelu and Kasanka, two parks with two very particular attractions. Bangwelu’s best known for the extraordinary and unusual shoebill stork- we’re still hunting for a decent picture, but as soon as we find one, you’ll see it here. Kasanka on the other hand is bats. Fruit bats to be precise. Each November and December one of the world’s largest mammal migrations takes place here as around ten million fruit bats which can be seen ascending in one huge cloud from the trees each evening. In addition, if you’re an antelope geek (come join us- be out and proud!) it’s sometimes possible to watch the rare sitatunga in the wetlands by day.

Where to stay in Northern Zambia

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