Chongwe Camp, Lower Zambezi: The Lowdown

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When it comes to settings, Chongwe Camp is a strong contender for one of the prettiest spots we’ve been to in Zambia. In this beautiful location on the banks of the Zambezi you’ll find a warm, friendly, welcoming safari camp, with regular four-legged visitors passing through and wonderfully tranquil boat safaris.

What’s Chongwe Camp really like?

Like many Zambian safari camps, the style at Chongwe is deliberately rustic yet with vibrant splashes of colour.  The safari tents are comfortable and furnished with brightly coloured textiles with bathrooms that are open to the skies.  For a little extra privacy, the Cassia and Albida suites are perfect hideaways for two and four respectively, each with their own plunge pool and if you’re travelling on a family safari, we’d seriously recommend considering the private Chongwe House for complete privacy and flexibility. The atmosphere in camp is warm and jolly (meals are all communal) and you should be prepared to be right amongst the wildlife- hippos that sing loudly during the night and elephants who might delay you from the lunch table as they wander past.

What can I do at Chongwe Camp?

What we loved the most about Chongwe was being right on the river and we’d really recommend the boat and canoe safaris here- for keen canoeists we can arrange multi-day trips. Also worth a try is the fishing (we’ll be very impressed if you manage to snag a tiger fish) and Chongwe’s walking safaris. Game drives are also on offer, both in the surrounding Chiawa Conservancy, or further afield in the Lower Zambezi National Park.

Giving back at Chongwe Camp:

Chongwe helps to support Chitende High School in Chiawa village and has also helped to establish the partnership between the local safari lodges and the surrounding community in order to protect the Chiawa area, meaning the local communities are directly benefiting from tourism.

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