Kakuli, South Luangwa: The Lowdown

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It feels rather picky of us to have favourites, but suffice to say, even veteran safari-goers tend to get a little jealous if you say you’re going to Kakuli. It’s not a remotely fancy camp, but there’s a sense of peace that envelops you here, from when you’re staring into the embers of the early morning fire, till you’re falling asleep to the sound of hippos singing.

What’s Kakuli really like?

Kakuli has just four tents under thatched roofs, all with ensuite bathrooms. They’re comfortable, and deliberately rustic. What Kakuli’s fans (and they are legion) love, is that this is very definitely a bush camp. If you’d prefer to hear the birds on a sultry afternoon rather than the hum of air-conditioning, this is for you. The main lodge area has a simple thatched roof, under which you’ll eat wholesome meals in jolly company and enjoy the views out over the river.

What can I do at Kakuli?

You can’t really mention a safari in the South Luangwa without mentioning walking safaris. These are the heart and soul of the “Valley”, getting you deep into the soul of the wilderness. Alongside these are game drives, ideal for getting up close and personal with the big game. And if you’re lucky enough to visit the South Luangwa during the green season, boat safaris are the only way to get around.

Giving back at Kakuli: 

Kakuli’s owners have long had a focus on conservation and empowering the local community through education and health. There’s too much to do it all justice here, but amongst other projects the camp collects supplies for Kapani school (just ask us if you want to help) and helps arrange sponsorship for poorer pupils to attend. They also help fund a doctor in the Mfuwe area, and a donation from each night you stay helps to fund conservation in the local area. Please ask if you would like more information on this, there’s so much more we have to share!

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