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Tiny, remote Zungulila is probably one of the furthest flung camps in the South Luangwa National Park. With just four rooms, excellent walking, and a fabulous sense of isolation, this is truly the end of the line.

What’s Zungulila really like? Zungulila is first, and firmly, a bush camp. It’s extremely comfortable, with large tents, thick rugs on the floors, plunge pools on the decks and desperately romantic outdoor showers. (We’d insist on every camp having them if we could.) However, alongside this relative luxury, the camp is entirely open to nature- there’s no wi-fi, no air-conditioning, and no-one else for miles around. As there are only 4 tents at Zungulila (two double and two king-sized) this is by default a remote and intimate experience, so this is best suited for those who enjoy the adventure and romance of safari- long days out in the dust, jolly communal dinners and sundowners cooling your toes in the river.

What can I do at Zungulila? After the 3 ½ hour drive to get here from the Mfuwe Gate, it’s rather a joy to finally get out of your vehicle. Zungulila, like all of the Bush Camps, has a real focus on walking safaris, putting your boots in the dust and stepping to see and smell Africa.  If you’re feeling fit, you can even walk here from one of Zungulila’s sister camps- this is hugely rewarding and a highlight for many. It’s a great way to notice the smaller things that it’s so easy to whizz past in a safari vehicle, though as you don’t tend to get so close to the big game during a walking safari, Zungulila also offers game drives.

Giving back at Zungulila: The safari camps of the South Luangwa National Park have in many ways spearheaded sustainable, responsible tourism to ensure the next generation of Zambians benefit from tourism. Via their charity, called Charity Begins at Home, Zungulila’s owners have helped to fund boreholes for the villages around the park, provide lunches for pupils and local schools and improve school infrastructure and fund high school fees. If you would like to get involved or contribute in any way, please let us know.

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