Hugo and Siobhan’s Honeymoon

Hugo and Siobhan
Hugo and Siobhan

Hello Family & Friends

We’re not good at asking for presents and didn’t really want to – but we have been told that we must – because guests expect to get presents and if we don’t say what we want then we’ll end up with 20 sets of wine glasses – which to be honest, doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

As a couple, we’ve been together for some time now and have accumulated most of what we need for our onward journey into the land of wedded bliss, so asking for more things didn’t seem appropriate or too useful.

You will have noticed, that these words you’re reading have got some weird animals in the pictures. This is because we have booked a honeymoon for 1 week in Kenya – where we’ll look for cheetah’s and go for a romantic trip in a hot-air balloon while the sun rises over the savannah. We’re leaving a few days after the wedding and this is apparently the wildebeest migration time too.

After our time in Kenya on safari, we’ll be heading off for a week in Zanzibar where we get to relax on the beach. This is the sort of holiday we don’t treat ourselves to normally and having seen some of the places we’ll be staying, it looks well good.

We suspect by now you’ve got the idea of what’s coming eh? The good news is if it all goes wrong we can still afford to pay for the holiday, however if our family and friends are feeling like donating a wedding gift, then that would really help us cover those helpful little extras such as; emergency parachutes from the hot-air balloon; snakebite anti-venom and perhaps most importantly, to make sure that Shoo gets to drink wine not water while we’re away.

Thanks very much from the both of us, we promise to:

  1. take pictures to bore you with afterwards – many of which will have us doing thumbs-ups, and
  2. see you on the dance floor in September to celebrate our wedding.

Lots of Love,

Siobhan & Hugo

Siobhan and Hugo are set to have a wonderful adventure in Kenya and Zanzibar. If you’d like to contribute towards giving them the trip of a lifetime, vouchers are available in sums of £20, £50 and £100. Alternatively, if you’d like to buy a specific experience for them, these need to be booked at least 4 weeks in advance. If you’re closer to the honeymoon than that, just call us on 0207 097 1801 and we’ll see what we can do!

Just leave your message to Siobhan and Hugo below and call our office on 0207 097 1801 so we can process payment: