Danforth Yachting: The Lowdown

Danforth Yachting is one of those places that you ought to be able to find everywhere in Africa, but are surprisingly hard to find. It’s small (8 rooms), owner-run (Howard and Michelle have been in Malawi since 2001) and has a blissful location at Cape Maclear. And did we mention the watersports? This is somewhere that you really, really won’t get bored.

What can I do at Danforth Yachting?

Probably best to start off with the activities, as this is what sets Danforth apart from other lodges on Lake Malawi. Howard and Michelle’s magnificent catamaran is usually on site (you can charter her should you wish), there’re also dinghys and diving (PADI), snorkelling, waterskiing and wake boarding, kayaking and fishing, and mountain biking around the local villages (go-they’re charming). Such an impressive selection of watersports in a small, friendly lodge makes Danforth a fantastic choice for families, young couples or anyone young at heart and keen to flex their waterwings.

What’s the lodge at Danforth really like?

If you’d rather snooze at the lodge than splash around in the Lake, Danforth Yachting is lovely. The rooms all are decorated in a simple airy style- lots of seaside blue and white and set in small cottages surrounding the lawn and swimming pool. Meals are delicious fresh set menus (we had 3 helpings of cake when we visited) and sundowers are a fantastic time to sit on the deck and watch the sunset. In all, we can’t think of a more suitable spot to sit back and soak up Malawi’s gentle charms.

Giving back at Danforth Yachting… Howard and Michelle have been in Malawi for over 20 years and have carefully chosen to support projects of long-term benefit to the community. These have varied over the years, but Danforth has a long term commitment to the Billy Riordan Memorial Trust which provides desperately needed medical care in Cape Maclear. Guests are warmly welcome to visit the clinic to see this fantastic work in action.

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