Rocktail Beach Camp: the Lowdown

At first it doesn’t seem to make sense that this South African beach lodge is owned by a safari company. After all, isn’t safari about, well, animals? Spend time at Rocktail though, and you’ll see exactly why. This is no deluxe beach resort, instead, it’s a glorious South African eco-hideaway, hidden in the forest above an endless expanse of empty sand. Guests sleep in safari-style tents that are luxurious as tents go, but deliberately low-tech: no air-conditioning or wi-fi (and very little cell-phone reception) here! Meals are jolly communal dinners, and the lodge is low key- the emphasis here is on the great outdoors and the deep blue sea.

On which subject… a 15 minute walk from camp through the coastal forest brings you to a glorious sweep of sand and an ocean that’s teeming with life. Guests staying during the season should be ready to creep down to watch baby turtles hatch on the beach and you can even join the turtle research drives. Throughout the hot African summer whale sharks float serenely by and during the chillier winter months humpbacked whales pass Rocktail Bay on their annual migration. Dolphins flit across the top of the waves, birds flit in and out of the water, and the diving…. Well, let’s just say the diving’s pretty special.  For non-divers there’s snorkelling, nature walks and drives and stargazing (if you come from a city, you could do this alone for hours).

Hopefully that’s covered a few bases, but if you have questions, please just ask!

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