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Why this safari works….

There are many gorgeous beaches in Kenya (we’ve got the suntans to prove it), but sometimes, you just want safari. And if you’re going to make a proper holiday of the sort of heart-stopping, life-changing adventure safari is, we’d recommend getting the balance just right. We think this has the perfect blend of scenery, culture and, of course incredible wildlife viewing.

Riding Safari at Ol Malo

WALK, RIDE, TOUCH, SMELL, SEE Africa in Laikipia: 3-5 days When you first arrive in Kenya, fly up to the Laikipia Plateau– full of private conservancies which are free from the rules of the national parks. Visit these and you get to do night drives, walking safaris, camel rides, riding safaris – any number of activities which are utterly engaging in their own right, and contribute immensely when combined with the more traditional safari in the Masai Mara that this trip ends with.

Safari at Lake Nakuru National Park

MEET Africa on the Lakeshore: 2-4 days From Laikipia, fly somewhere a little different. There’s an old saying: “You come to Africa for the wildlife, you return because of the people”. Often on safari you’ll meet very few local people because they rarely live in the remote wilderness. Visit Victoria and Naivasha, Kenya’s Great Lakes, however, and you’ll have fantastic opportunities to get to know the local community. The lakes are an incredibly tranquil part of Kenya and this is a great way to get a feel for the “real” country between safaris.

SAFARI in the Masai Mara: 3-5 days: Finally, take a  light aircraft hop down to the Masai Mara. A while ago, one of Britain’s major newspapers carried an article by the sort of man who’s job you’d die to have: a well-respected, experienced safari journalist. When queried where he’d go if he only had one safari left, he picked the Mara.  We wouldn’t disagree. It has some of the finest game viewing on the continent, barely rivalled by so many of the game reserves we’ve visited, even in the months when the Great Migration isn’t there. Spend your days game driving on the plains and nights counting the shooting stars.

Other ideas for your African adventure…. If you want to have your safari and get the best of the beach, consider spending some time in the Seychelles, the Kenyan Coast or Zanzibar. Or if you want more adrenaline, substitute your time at the Lake for a walking or Mountain-biking safari with Maasai warriors. If you’re travelling with teens on a family safari it’s a great way for them to burn off steam!

Make your safari extraordinary by… Adding a dawn hot air balloon flight over the Masai Mara, booking a private house for your family in the Masai Mara or Laikipia or spend a night out under the stars in a fly camp or starbed.

When to go…? Any time really. The end of the long dry season (September/October) would probably be the driest time of year,  with the best game viewing and the possibility of spotting the wildebeest migration in the Masai Mara. During the long rainy season (April/May) many camps are closed, so your choices are a little more limited, but we love the lush green of this season and prices are often as much as half that of peak season. Plus game viewing is generally pretty spectacular throughout the year.

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