Offbeat Meru: The Lowdown

Offbeat Meru isn’t the fanciest safari camp we’ve stayed in. In fact, it isn’t even the fanciest camp in Meru National Park, but golly – we love it. It has the perfect combo of an idyllic location, tents that are just wild enough, and just comfortable enough, and a fabulous atmosphere to boot. .

What’s Offbeat Meru really like?

Tents at Offbeat Meru are properly bush- the sort of thing that you’ll absolutely adore if you’re a safari purist hankering for a little comfort. You’ll get a bed that comfortably clears the floor, a spot to put your stuff and an ensuite bathroom with shower and loo. More importantly, there are trees whispering overhead during your afternoon nap, a blissfully chilly pool to dip into on blazing days, and the odd four-legged visitor…

What can I do at Offbeat Meru?

When you come to Offbeat Meru, it’s mainly for the game drives. As this part of Kenya gets especially hot,  you’ll often have a snooze in the middle of the day, and the pool is especially alluring. There’s also the opportunity to try your hand at fishing, and the chance to visit the local Boran community.

Giving back at Offbeat Meru:

Remarkably, almost everything you see in camp is incredibly low footprint- apart from the pool, it could vanish and be grown over in an impressively short amount of time, and even the pool is entirely built from local sand.  In addition to this Offbeat Meru supports the Guba Dida Primary School and is continually involved with building up the school supplies and infrastructure- if you want to contribute, just let us know!

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