Remote Southern Tanzania

Why this safari works…

Away from the better known (and more crowded) national parks elsewhere, Nyerere National Park (formerly the Selous) and the Ruaha are a truly special combination. Wildlife is lured into both parks by the rivers, and you have the chance to do walking safaris and boating safaris alongside game drives. To add to all of this, the most likely traffic jam you’ll encounter is a herd of buffalo in front of your vehicle.

A starting point for your bespoke itinerary:


There is nothing more wonderful than getting off a flight from hot, sticky, Dar es Salaam and arriving beside the river in Nyerere National Park. Tired, excited, and ready to be blown away by the magic. Do game drives along the river, have a go at fishing, and wind down on the water with a cold drink as the sun goes down- we will be dreaming of being with you.


We have loved the Ruaha since the first day we visited, so we’ve tried not to be too annoyed now we hear a few others are catching on. Fortunately it’s a park the size of the Serengeti with a fraction of the camps, so now is the time to go.

Think big cats on kills, herds of elephant and buffalo, even a pack of wild dog if you are lucky. On top of all this, you’ll find safari camps with so much soul it’s hard not to fall in love.

BACK TO BEHO BEHO (3-4 nights)

You could cut this leg. Many people do, as it’s a second stop in Nyerere National Park. However, we think it’s the icing on the cake. It breaks up the long flight back to Dar es Salaam and gives you a totally different sense of the park.

Beho Beho is up in the hills, rather than near the river, the guides are easily amongst the best in Tanzania and a major dose of luxury at the end of any safari can only be a very, very good thing.

Other ideas for your adventure… If you want to get seriously wild and woolly, head west to Katavi National Park. And for something utterly, utterly magical (and we should add, far from cheap) splash out, and go to amazing Greystoke Mahale. We’ve tempted plenty of people into visiting over the years and only ever had rave reviews and happy tears!

Make your trip extraordinary by… make the most of getting up at dawn and take a hot air balloon flight during your time in the Ruaha. If you’re feeling brave, try fly-camping. It is truly, truly magical, though not for the faint-hearted.

When to go… Scratch April and May from your diary. It’s so rainy the light aircraft flights don’t even go and almost all of the camps are closed. The best game viewing is at the end of the dry season (August-October), and the short rainy season in November tends to mean that prices are lower. Really though, you can travel any time from June till around mid March.  

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