Chikwenya: The Lowdown

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Chikwenya is a luxurious camp set in a private concession at the eastern end of Mana Pools.

What’s Chikwenya really like?

Chikwenya has just seven stylish suites (to be honest, they’re so large and comfortable we’d struggle to call them tents) including two family suites. And while they’re certainly luxurious, the natural décor and materials mean they feel just right for the setting. The rooms are raised up on decks with outdoor seating areas, indoor and outdoor showers and glorious egg-shaped tubs. The family suites have two bedrooms (one double, one twin) and a private plunge pool. Over in the main area of the camp there’s also a small pool overlooking the floodplain and the Zambezi beyond. Meals are often eaten outdoors, and it’s not at all unusual to see ellies or waterbuck from your spot in camp.

What can I do at Chikwenya?

One of the great virtues of Chikwenya is that it’s on a private concession. Wildlife here is good and as this rather lovely new camp becomes more established the animals are becoming more and more accustomed to visitors. As a real bonus, unlike the busier public areas of Mana Pools, you can enjoy game drives untroubled by other vehicles – in particular on night drives which can add a nice element of seeing animals that you might not catch during daylight hours. Walking safaris are a Mana Pools must. Chikwenya also offers also canoe safaris and slightly gentler boating safaris, with the chance to try out fishing for tiger fish. This is strictly catch and release and we should warn you that tigers are not the easiest to catch!

Giving back at Chikwenya:

For the owners of Chikwenya supporting the community and conservation has always come alongside tourism. They help to support wild dog conservation (Mana Pools is one of the best places in Zimbabwe to try to spot them), and run the wonderful Children in the Wilderness programme, educating local children about their environment. If you have additional space in your luggage, Chikwenya is also part of Pack for a Purpose.

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