John’s Camp: The Lowdown

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Experienced safari goers often end up in Zimbabwe attracted by the excellent guides, and John’s Camp is an authentic bush camp designed to appeal to such purists.

What’s John’s Camp really like?

John’s six Meru style tents are certainly comfortable, but are deliberately simple with ensuite bathrooms that have bucket showers, and no pool, fan or a/c. In fact, at the start and finish of each season the camp is entirely moved from its location beside the Zambezi. Meals are eaten communally, and the overall feel is low key, rustic, and intimate. John’s Camp is a place to stare at hippos grazing on the floodplains and embers glowing in the fire rather than a smartphone screen. Well you can try of course, but there’s no wifi here, and watching wildlife is far more diverting.

What can I do at John’s Camp?

Shared morning and afternoon game drives are certainly a core part of any stay at John’s Camp, however as a park, Mana Pools is known for the quality of its walking safaris, made all the better by excellent Zimbabwean guides. With the right guests, and the right guide, the experience of being within mere metres of an elephant is not uncommon here. If sleeping in a tent seems too tame, there’s also the chance to try a night in a fly camp or sleeping out on the star deck. You can also try fishing from the bank for tilapia or tiger fish- the latter are strictly catch and release. Lastly, should you wish you can also pay a visit to park HQ- it’s fascinating to see the practicalities of how it all works if you haven’t previously visited one.

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