Stretch Ferreira Safaris: The Lowdown

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A safari with Stretch Ferreira is something else. The rustic camp is designed to attract exactly the right kind of laid-back bush-loving guests, and activities are a serious safari-lover’s dream.

What’s the camp at Stretch Ferreira Safaris really like?

Exploring Mana Pools with Stretch Ferreira Safaris is really, really not about the camp. If you are worried about the wifi (there is none, sorry), or the swimming pool (ditto), this is not for you. There are six, comfortable, but simple Meru tents on the sandy banks of the Zambezi River. You do actually have an ensuite bathroom with a flushing loo and ensuite, open-air shower, but lights go off at 9 (bring a torch) and there aren’t too many frills to be found. If your reaction to a spider in the tent is “Wow, cool, what is it?” this may well be your sort of camp- fellow guests are often on their 7th, 10th, 20th safari, and they just keep coming back. Meals are wholesome and homely, eaten at a jolly communal table, or sometimes beside the campfire. Company is often excellent, and Stretch himself is hugely entertaining.

What can I do with Stretch Ferreira Safaris?

Now, onto what Stretch Ferreira Safaris is so wonderful for- the activities. These focus on game drives, walking safaris and canoeing. We’ve always loved our game drives in Mana Pools, and for serious photographers this does make transporting large lenses pretty easy. However, Mana is really a park for walking safaris, and this is where Stretch’s legendary guiding comes into its own- if you are on a walk where you meet an ellie he knows by name it is a truly special experience. Canoe safaris on the Zamebezi are wonderful, a gentle potter interrupted only by spluttering hippos and ellies silently coming down to the water’s edge. Finally we’d just flag up, while Stretch does have a justifiably stellar reputation, he’s still only human and can’t guide every single guest all of the time, but he does have a fantastic team working alongside him!

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