Apoka Safari Lodge: The Lowdown

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It’s fair to say that you’re probably a fairly special sort of person if you’re choosing to come to Kidepo National Park in the first place- it’s well suited to committed safari lovers, who appreciate serious wilderness and seclusion, and aren’t too fussed about ticking lists of big game. If this is sounds like you, then Apoka Safari Lodge should be a perfect fit.

What’s Apoka Safari Lodge really like?

Apoka has been built in the rustic-luxury style that works so well with African safari lodges- there are ten lovely rooms, all with fabulous views- some looking out over the savannah, other towards the mountain or the river valley. All have their own en suite bathrooms, comfortable sitting areas, and a natural style of décor with plenty of wood, muted colours and big sweeping mosquito nets. Nature really is the star of the show here though so don’t come expecting air-conditioning or wi-fi- who needs that when you can see buffalo from your bathtub? Over at the main lodge there’s a lovely infinity pool built into the rocks, with views down to a small waterhole below, a cosy lounge, and dining area, though if the weather holds, meals are often eaten outside. Food is warming and wholesome- possibly not gourmet by London or New York standards, but good given your astonishingly isolated location.

What can I do at Apoka Safari Lodge?

Activities from Apoka Safari Lodge are usually shared game drives. In this intersection of land between Sudan, Kenya and Uganda there is some great wildlife viewing, but we’d stress the joy of visiting Kidepo is in exploring such a pristine wilderness and rarely seeing another vehicle rather than ticking off a wish list of big game. Walking safaris are also a particular favourite of ours- it’s a great way to appreciate the true size of a giraffe, listen to the birds and smell the dampness in the air. For an extra fee you can also pay a visit to the local Karamajong community earning about how they live, perhaps preparing some food or helping to build a kraal.

Giving back at Apoka Safari Lodge:

Apoka works closely with Lokorul village, where many of the staff the come from. This is the village you can choose to visit as an extra part of your stay, and the lodge has helped with building a village clinic and arranging for a doctor to regularly come to the area. The next project? Building a school for the children of the village.

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